Life is like an oak treasure chest (or in more simple terms-a big wooden box). This chest has a beautiful ‘shell’ or outer appearance. The outside is beautiful and it always shows itself off to anyone who looks at it. Although this chest is beautiful its purpose comes on the inside.  This chest is full of smaller boxes, but these boxes are locked-holding what is inside from the outside world.

These boxes hold the essential feelings and experiences they everyone faces, to make life what it is. Its your job to find the keys and use it to unlock the boxes of life.


Hi! I’m Lindsay! I am an ambitious perfectionist that is looking for purpose in my life. Through LifeAsLindsay I want, with YOUR help, to develop a community, even more-a family. This community is destined to help people find their keys in life.  These boxes, no matter how big or small, relevant or irrelevant will bring essential feelings, drive, motivation and more to your life. The boxes can vary from being adventurous to being creative. Through this community we will help each other find our keys, as well as teaching each other how to use them.



So what can you do?! Well, I encourage you to leave comments on this LifeAsLindsay Blog to talk (to me and others on this site), find me on my social media (links are around my blog), and share the posts so together we can help more people find their keys.