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Respect Is Given, Not Earned

I recently was watching a TV show and one of the characters said the common saying, “Respect is earned.” I have heard this saying before, but for some reason this time,when I heard it, it really made me think. So, next I looked this saying up on the internet to make sure that I had heard this saying before, and…

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Don’t Forgive and Forget!

Now, I know you are reading the title and saying Lindsay what are you talking about?? Did you get enough sleep last night? Believe it or not, I believe that it is NOT the best and most beneficial thing to forgive and forget instead we should forgive and resolve or at least forgive and move on. I am sure you…

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Why You Should Love Being Single

In the past 2 weeks I have been asked 3 times if I have a boyfriend. The question does not bother or offend me (as it shouldn’t), but it does make me think. Why is it so important to have a boyfriend? Why can’t we just enjoy being single as much as we should be enjoying being in a relationship?…

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