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Alaskan Adventure: Hikes

Hiking is something I love to do, but do no do nearly enough of. Something about your blood flowing through your veins as you breathe in fresh air gives you peace at mind. Something about connecting with nature and just soaking it in for moments can never get old. It is a time to think, absorb, be sad or happy,…

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The Smoky Mountains 2017

So, it is no secret that I may, a little tiny bit, like mountains. Okay, so maybe I love mountains with my whole heart! So, it was a no brainer that I tried to fit in some mountain time on my 2017 summer vacation! I went to the Smoky Mountains for just 2 days this time around, but it was…

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Alaskan Adventure: Introduction

Everyone has a particular time in their life when they really experience something. I know your thinking, Lindsay, everyday and every moment you are living and you are experiencing things. This is true, but their is a time in a person’s life when they truly experience life or a event. There comes a realization of what is going on, and…

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