More About Lindsay….

Perfectionist. Mountain & nature lover. Hard worker. Over-thinker.  I, Lindsay, am a small town girl trying to find her place in this world.

Finding a purpose, in this thing called life, has always been hard for me. I have been bullied and made fun of. I have been lost and stressed.  Through all of this I have searched for two things-purpose and happiness. I search through everything from my religion to my school work to my home life. To learn more about this part of my life click  here.

The search continues as I write this blog interacting with a community through my experiences, hobbies, interests, adventures, and knowledge. I want to help and entertain others and well as find my purpose and who I really am.

Facts About Me!

  • I am a Christian

  • I almost always have to know “Why?”

  • When I learn something I want to know more than I have to or else everything about it so I can really understand the idea or topic better

  • My favorite color is army green

  • I used to hate reading, but now I love it when I have a good book

  • I love almost all fruit, but strawberries are my FAVORITE

  • My dream car is a white or black jeep with leather interior

  • I played tennis for 5 years, but then stopped and now I can hardly play at all

  • I play the guitar

  • I almost always sing in the shower (no promises it sounds good though)

  • I would rather be in the mountains than at the beach (even though I do love the beach)

  • I have always wondered, “What if we were all color blind, but no one knew it” and “What if your red is my green?”

  • I love crime shows, books and podcasts

  • If I could choose 1 super power it would be to speak/read/hear/write every language fluently

  • I think about my future a lot and do not always live in the present (which is one thing that I am trying to work on 🙂 )