2017 Reflections & 2018 Resolutions

I am not much for resolutions (mainly because it never seems like they work out), so I have decided to just focus on 1 big thing that I want to improve on every year. Throughout the years of course I want to work and improve of things other than my resolution, but I think it is good to especially focus on 1 or 2 big things throughout the year. I can’t decide if 2017 was a long or short year. I some aspects it seems short, but sometimes it seems like it lasted forever. All in all, this year was hard, but I learned so much and I grew as a person as I found out a few things about myself.

2017 Reflection

My resolution for 2017 was to be stronger. 2016 and the beginning of 2017 were some of the hardest times in my life. I felt helpless and weak and therefore wanted control over my life again-I wanted to be genuinely happy again. I decided I would work to be stronger-mentally stronger, physically stronger, and spiritually stronger.

Many people think resolutions are just going to happen, but the truth is you need to work hard for them. You need to try different things and methods to figure out what works best for you to accomplish your goal. This take time-a lot of time. That is my problem, I have as much patience as a squirrel. I knew what I wanted and I wanted it yesterday.

The only thing that helped me in 2017 was God. It sounds simple and yet it was the hardest thing. It was the hard to let go and then it was hard to accept. I am a person who will question everything. After asking God to heal me my changing point was going to him. I expected to wake up one day and be strong and be completely happy. Little did I know I was the one standing in the way of my life. I had to take a step too, I was expecting God to do everything. We were not made to be robots and the moment it gets hard is the time we should shine, not shut down-it is our choice.

The first step I took was watching sermons online and taking note. I wrote down the key phrases that I liked. I also started listening to lots of christian music. Music can speak to people in ways that no other thing can. Once I started to get spiritually strong and trust God-becoming physically and mentally strong just fell into place. I was happier and therefore was more likely to want change in myself. Therefore leading me to working of being strong mentally and physically.

This year was full of changes and it was no where near perfect, but I learned things about myself and I grew stronger as a person. The beginning of 2017 and the end were completely different in the best way. Throughout 2018 and throughout the rest of my life I will continue to pursue and fight to get stronger.

A couple pictures from 2017

Some of my favorite memories from this year are (that I can remember at the moment)

  • Surprising both of my best friends (that I don’t see every often) for their birthdays
  • Starting the year off with some family friends
  • Going to a hot air balloon festival with friends
  • Going to the shooting range with my dad (and being able to talk to a former police officer and learn some new things
  • Going to the Smoky Mountains
  • Going to Clearwater Beach, Florida
  • Going on a mini road trip with my sister and my dad to Louisville, Kentucky
  • Starting the year off with some family friends
  • Failing at baking boxed pudding (the pudding turned out to look like cake and smell like play dough-I have no idea what happened)


This year I learned 

  • Its okay to be hurting, because then the joy after the brokenness it so much stronger.
  • I have to work for things and a good life will not be handed to you
  • There is no genuine and fulfilling happiness without God and his Word

2018 Resolution

My resolution for 2018 is to do new things. It seems simple enough, but I have always been a person to do things that I am comfortable with. I have always went by the book as a quite/shy girl. In 2017 I started to reach out more, but I really want to focus on it this year.

This is more than just doing new things, it is doing this I don’t necessarily want to do. I want to go outside my comfort zone I want to be the person I always wanted to be. I have always been an introvert, which is not a bad thing, but I have always wanted to be an extrovert. My goal is to become more comfortable and sociable with people. I am striving to do things I normally wouldn’t and make more memories.

I want to learn to fill my life with opportunities. I don’t want to live my life with regrets. I want to grow as a person. I feel like there is so many things that I do not know how to do or don’t do that I should. I hope and pray that 2018 is a time to grow as a person.


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