Why You Should Love Being Single

In the past 2 weeks I have been asked 3 times if I have a boyfriend. The question does not bother or offend me (as it shouldn’t), but it does make me think. Why is it so important to have a boyfriend? Why can’t we just enjoy being single as much as we should be enjoying being in a relationship? Why does society put so much pressure on being in a relationship?

I once heard a saying that really truly spoke to me, and that saying was if you don’t date with the intention of marriage, you date to break up. Some people date for just fun, going from person to person (that is fine for them if they like that), but I don’t want to just play around because I don’t want to set myself up for heartbreak. I have been hurt bad before (and I am sure I will get hurt bad again), but anyway to prevent that, I will.

Everyone is in such a rush to move onto the next chapter of their lives (including me sometimes), and then they look back a realize that they should have slowed down and embraced the moment! So I guess this is me saying, enjoy this moment, because soon it will be gone and you will realize what you missed! Rather than connecting being single to something negative, connect it to something positive, because when you really think about it-it is great!

I love being single (and you should to) because this is your time to

  • Grow with God

There is no better time than the present. I voice this idea all the time (even though I know it is hard to live by). Right now is the time to grow with God. This is the time when, while searching for/about yourself, you can search for God. I truly believe that the reason why relationships don’t work is that people are searching for the wrong thing-they are searching for something only God can give them. If they search for this love that only God can give them in their significant other, then they will never be content or happy completely. If a person puts the pressure of their whole happiness in another persons hands that just sets the relationship up for failure, because no one can deliver that demand.  God has his arms open waiting for you, so there’s no need for another person (that is only a bonus). Being in a relationship should help you grow together in love and knowledge of what God wants and says.

  • Grow your friendships

Relationships take a lot of time and work. The people in the relationship should want to put in that time and work, but this takes effort and time. Being single is a great time to grow in friendships. These friendships can last a lifetime, but first you have to put in effort just like a partner/boyfriend-girlfriend/spouse relationship. Friendships are a beautiful thing when they are true so use this time and make and grow with and as true and genuine friends.

  • Strengthen your self-esteem

The fact I always go back to about dating is that if you can’t find true happiness and contentment in yourself, how are you supposed to find it with someone else? Growing as a person can be so beneficial in a relationship because then you know what you want and need (roughly :)). It is attractive to know someone or go into a relationship with someone who knows who they are and love themselves (well, as much as they can).

Also, (I pray this never happens to anyone, but I know it does), what if something happened to that person or your relationship had a fall out, then what are you going to do? If you can’t find peace with yourself and who you are, how are you supposed to find it with someone else?

  • Learn and think about yourself

The most beautiful thing about being single is that you can figure out who YOU are! You can enjoy this time, with it just being you. Relationships are such a beautiful thing as well, but in a different way than being single is. So, embrace being single when you are :). Take this extra time for yourself. Think about yourself first, figure out who you are, find your hobbies and what you like to do, join groups, and have fun. Being in a relationship means putting that other person before yourself, so take this time to put yourself first.

  • Work with nothing stopping you

This is also a great time to get invested in your work. You can enjoy this time doing the thing you love. I you don’t like being single because it is so lonely, then don’t be lonely. Do activities and dig into your work and do it the best you possibly can. This is just another way to take the absolutely wonderful energy of being in a relationship and use it for something else.

  • Prepare yourself for the future

If (and only if) you would like a relationship in the future, you have to take time to embrace and figure out who you are, and I guess that is why I love being single. You can think, learn and prepare for the future and what you want. This is your life so enjoy every moment of it.

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