Picture Frame Collage

Have you ever heard that question, “If your house burned down and you had just enough time to grab 3 things, what would you grab?” More likely than not, one of the things that you would grab is a old photo album or a stack of pictures. This is because memories and experiences are important, in fact they are the thing that makes us what we are. The memories we have,  experiences we live out and places we visit mold us to be who we are (I just think that is so powerful and amazing! That is probably why I love pictures and the art of photography so much).

One way to hold a collection of memories in one space (with a common factor/focal idea) is through a collage. I know, when I think of the word collage I think of a 12 year old girl with magazine cutouts of boy band members, but this stereo type is wrong.  A collage can be as elegant, relevant, modern, or as clean as you want it to be. This is because all it is, is a collection of memories.

This memories collector, that I will show you how to make today, is going to be focused on the focal idea of travel. Travel is very important to me and brings be joy and memories (that is why I chose this theme), but choose your own theme (it might be your dogs or flowers or food).  This collage is also a space saver, that can tell a whole story in just one glance.


  • Masking Tape
  • Scissors
  • Pencil, pen, or marker
  • Glue (I just used a glue stick)
  • Photographs
  • Picture frame (big to add pictures)

Step 1

  • Arrange

I always find it helpful to arrange and organize whatever I do before I do it. I would recommend arranging the pictures in the way you want them because they will eventually be overlapping and you don’t wwant the end result to look weird. Also, it is good to see if pictures next to eachother complement to one another next to each other (Example: in this picture frame I tried not to put to many pictures of just water in the same spot, I tried to move them to different parts throughout the piece).

*Just because you have arranged something does not make it permanent (that is the exact purpose for the arranging :)), you will see that I changed where the pictures were placed throughout the process.*

Step 2

  • Adjust and Trim

In order to make all the pictures fit, I marked where I wanted to cut off the picture with a pencil (so it could fit nicely where I wanted it to go). After I draw a line on the picture where I wanted to cut, I took a pair of scissors and cut along that line.

*By the way, I wanted to note that my hand is not actually red. The camera angle and the shadow made it look that way.*

Step 3

  • Glue Time

After trimming and adjusting all the pictures, it is time to glue them in  (I don’t think I have to say to much about this). The only thing I have to say about this is, I glued some pictures over the top of the ones next to it, and some underneath the ones next to it. This adds some texture and contrast to the piece.


Step 4

  • Quote (Optional, but recommended)

Now that every picture is glued and properly put in place, there is a blank space in the middle of the picture frame. This is where you put the quote. This is a recommended step, because there is a lot going on with all of the vibrant pictures in the frame. So this connects all the pictures with a common quote, but at the same times gives your eyes a rest and makes it look cleaner.

*There does not have to be an “open space” or “cutout” in the middle, but I personally love to have a place to rest my eyes and be able to connect all the pictures with a quote or saying. If your picture frame does not have a pre-cut out middle, do it yourself! All you have to do is use scissors to poke a hole through the middle. Then through the hole continue to cutout a open space. If you do not want to cut out a piece from the middle, but still want and open space, just cut a piece of cardboard to the demotions you want. Once you did this then paste it on top of the pictures/in the middle. Put the quote paper on top of the cardboard (so it looks like the quote is being bordered by the cardboard). This looks excellent and is a lot faster than cutting out the actual paper where the pictures are (but do whichever way you would like.*

I printed myself a couple different quotes from the internet. This is again, very self explanatory. I just tried to imagine how big the space was and then tried to adjust the words according to my memory on Microsoft Word (aka winging it). I love this part because it is fun to pick out different fonts and styles to go along with your pictures. And I mean common on, who doesn’t like quotes?

Printing off a couple different quotes is also something I recommend. Once you are ready for a change and a different quote, you can easily switch out the quotes (this will only work with the cutout option).

I put the paper on the back and taped it on to where I wanted it/where it look best/where it was centered 🙂 . I continued by putting on the back and locking it is place.

There is the finish product! I think it looks pretty sharp! I love doing these kinds of collages. They would go great almost anywhere because you can pick a different topic (family-living room, kitchen-food, bedroom-travel etc…). This is a great inexpensive and thoughtful present that I am sure friends and family would love aswell!

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