Alaskan Adventure: Introduction

Everyone has a particular time in their life when they really experience something. I know your thinking, Lindsay, everyday and every moment you are living and you are experiencing things. This is true, but their is a time in a person’s life when they truly experience life or a event. There comes a realization of what is going on, and how powerful and amazing the world is. This moment, this realization that overcomes a person, can be more than powerful it is indescribable. It can takes a persons breathe away, it fills a person with peace and contentment, and it gifts the person with a moment of  the everything is going to be okay feeling, This is a feeling I wish everyone could experience.  I have traveled my whole life and I have experienced many different places, cultures, and adventures, but the first time I really experienced something, was in Alaska.


Alaska is very special. It’s special because it is beautiful, calm, spacious, natural, and open. This is not the only reason why I adore Alaska-I adore it because this is the first time I really and truly remember experiencing something. This place brought be peace, adventure, and happiness to me. Through this journal series “Alaskan Adventure” I will give tips/ticks, advise, experiences, and memories I had while I was there. Alaska is a very big state and for that reason their are many different topics that I can and will write about. This will help savor how I felt so I can remember in the future. I most importantly can help and share my advise and experiences with other people as well. I hope one day I get the opportunity to Alaska again. Although I got an amazing taste of the state, it is a very big region and there is so much more I want to see and do!

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