The Moon and Star

The craziest thing just happened right now. I took my dog out so he could go (if you know what I mean). So, I took him outside and as he pranced around like a happy horse I looked up into the brisk night sky (let me just add that it is a clear but cold night-maybe 20 degrees). Anyways, I looked up into the sky and saw a small glowing dot in the sky. This dot was different though-it was not blinking like the planes do in the night sky, and it was not a normal night star. This star was bigger and brighter. This took me by surprise I have seen stars like this, but not in a long time and not quite like this one. The crazy thing was that star was alone, but bright……so bright…the brightest one as far as I can see.
*side note: The hardest part about writing is trying to put amazing places and experiences into words without sounding crazy, but right now I realized that this is me and this is how I feel.
This star in its stillness, in its loneliness, in its bright but bold appearance made me think. It made me think about how much I have been on the go lately, not just physically but mostly mentally. I have been so stuck lately I just haven’t looked outside at nature and just breathed and thought about how much of a world there is. It is hard to describe, as I am writing this I feel myself fall back into the stuck position, but for a moment for a split second I found peace.
*side note: maybe this is something I should look further into, but I have notice in Alaska and just now I felt peace and happiness-so maybe I feel the best and most at peace in nature. I will tell you, especially when you have anxiety, peace is the best feeling the the world
Now, we can push play on the story after I said that thought. So I took Pyro (my dog) inside, but I had to come back outside to do a chore. As I turned from the lone star I saw the moon. Oh, the moon. It was just there completely opposite from the star like it was on purpose or something. Calm, glowing, and mesmerizing the moon just stayed their gracing me with its beauty. I stood there for a minute just looking at it. I studied this full moon. I looked at the shadows on its surface making it unique. There was a halo around the moon that sent out a shine that faded out. It made me stop and just breathe.

There is just something about the right sky that will forever leave me in awe. I will never get bored or left unimpressed!

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